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Jo Elbourne has been making taut and layered textile works since 2015.

Her pared-down practice explores - both literally and figuratively - the notion of managing tension, and plays with the possibilities of line and colour whilst using a singular material and a simple yet exacting technique.

Elbourne creates the surface of each piece in iterative movements - an absorbing back-and-forth - wrapping cord row by row to form considered asymmetric arrangements and intersecting pathways. Despite the apparent constraints of working only along parallel and perpendicular lines, the method yields images of subtle depth, reading as blocks of abstraction and at the same time inviting the viewer to consider the cord's journey around the frame as a narrative in itself.

Jo Elbourne attended Wimbledon School of Art and went on to earn a BA from Ravensbourne College of Design. Initially preoccupied with the creation of functional works, her furniture pieces - using a distinctive take on the traditional craft of seat-weaving - were the earliest works to gain recognition, being selected for the British Craft Pavilion at London Design Festival 2017 and winning an Elle Decoration Award in the same year.

Over time, keen to explore ideas outside of the limits of functionality, her attention turned to the creation of wall-based works and sculptures which are now the main focus of her practice.

As well as a solo show at Rodic Davidson in London, Jo's works have been exhibited in Milan, Stockholm and Cologne and in the coastal town of Margate where she is currently based.

Portrait by Kat Green 

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Jo Elbourne Portrait 2019 by Kat Green.j
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