Jo Elbourne's work is preoccupied with the singular act of wrapping cotton braid in one direction against another. 

Her practice is - both literally and figuratively - concerned with the idea of managing tension, 

resulting in taut and layered abstract compositions. 

Decisions on colour and proportion are led by intuition rather than theory or system, allowing both artist and viewer the potential to find moments of redirection, balance, momentum and pause. 

Jo returned to hands-on making in 2015 having spent over a decade working as a clothing designer. Her various experiments with fibres and fabric, combined with a self-imposed rule to create objects of use rather than ornament, gradually led to a distinctive and modern take on the age-old craft of seat weaving.  It was these small furniture pieces which first gained critical attention, being selected for the British Craft Pavilion at the 2017 London Design Festival, and bringing an Elle Decoration British Design Award in the same year.

Later, in a shift away from the limitations of functional furniture, she turned her attention to larger scale wall-based artworks which are now her main focus.


She lives and works on the Kentish coast in south east England. 

Portrait by Kat Green at Resort Studios, Margate - 2018


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Jo Elbourne Portrait 2019 by Kat Green.j