Portrait by Kat Green - Resort Studios, 2019

Jo Elbourne returned to hands-on making after a decade-long career as a menswear designer, setting up her current workspace in Margate's Resort Studios in 2015.

Using a specific method of wrapping and threading through, her work explores the seemingly simple act of manipulating string and cotton cord in one direction against another. 

With an initial desire to keep a useful element to the things she was making, Elbourne began to experiment with a distinctive and modern take on the age old craft of seat weaving, her footstools and chairs - made using discarded frames - seemed to fit in a gap between utilitarian surface and art object.

Later, moving away from the limitations of functionality, she applied this same technique to the wall-based artworks which are now her main focus. 

The work is process-driven, disciplined and meditative. Each piece aims to provide a sense of balance and continuity, whilst technically there are no visible joins and no obvious point where the wrapping begins or ends.


Since winning an Elle Decoration British Design Award in 2017 and in the same year being selected to exhibit in the British Craft Pavilion at London Design Festival, her work has gained the attention of collectors, curators, interior designers and art directors both in the UK and internationally. 

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